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IT Action works closely with clients to understand their business requirements and deliver flexible services that complement in-house skills, so we become a valuable extension of their own IT resources.

We utilise small service teams made up of multiple technical experts, each specialists in their own field, supported by dedicated Account and Service Managers who ensure we continually meet the highest standards of service excellence. The foundation of all our services is a Dedicated / Managed Service Approach, a key component of our commitment to total quality standards throughout our business.

Solutions Enterprise - Managed Services, IT Consultancy, Network & Security Consultants, Dedicated Service Approach

Call Prioritisation

All support calls to IT Action's Help Desk are graded according to severity and guaranteed response times are set accordingly.

Call Handling

Support calls are immediately entered into IT Action's online call handling and tracking system, either directly by email from a client or by IT Action's Help Desk engineers. The system allocates a unique call reference number and stores a complete history of work completed on the call for easy reference and look up by other engineers.

Knowledge Base

We build an extensive library of information on each client's infrastructure to allow rapid search and retrieval of previous known problems and resolutions. Our online Knowledge Base system is continually updated with technical information and procedures for solving known problems, allowing relevant information to be shared across all IT Action's service teams and locations. Our Knowledge Base adds value by improving clients' systems, helping prevent problems recurring, reducing the number of incidents and making their infrastructure more reliable for end users.

Monitoring and Alerting

IT Action's service teams have access to a highly available remote monitoring system providing instant 'traffic light' status on all elements of a client's system.

Change Management

We understand that rigorous change management is essential in ensuring the stability and uptime of our clients' critical IT systems and we always adhere to a quality controlled change management process that minimises risk and provides continuity of service.

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