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nominet partner

IT Action Ltd is a Nominet Channel Partner.


Below are the key terms of our contract in relation to Nominet domains (.uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk).


Nominet Domains - Renewal & Expiry 


All domains are renewed on an annual basis. We will invoice you for all your domain renewals and any other chargeable domain transactions at least every six months. The invoice will be emailed to the email address on the account, and it is the registrant’s responsibility to make sure their contact details are up to date. If you do not wish to renew a domain please make sure you contact us a minimum of 35 days before your domain expires by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Unless requests to the contrary are received, all domains are renewed automatically approximately 7 days before the domain name expires.


If you request that you no longer wish to have your domain name renewed by us, it will be left to expire and all services we provide regarding that domain name will be suspended. Your domain name will then go into a 30 day protected period, after 30 days your domain will be suspended by Nominet and it will go into a 60 day grace period. If you change your mind and still wanted to retain your domain name, you still can and at the original renewal price. This must be requested by email before the 80th day after your domain has expired, after 90 days your domain will be cancelled and deleted from the register and made available for resale through a third party registrar by Nominet. IT Action Ltd will not guarantee the renewal of a domain name after this happens.


Nominet Domains – Transfers Out


If you no longer wish to carry on with your contract with IT Action Ltd, please email us no less than 30 days before your services are due to be renewed. IT Action Ltd will not charge you for transferring a domain(s) away to another registrar’s tag. The customer acknowledges that, termination of the agreement for any reason will result in IT Action Ltd ceasing to provide the applicable services, with the consequences that flow from such cessation, including (but not limited to), deletion of data .e.g. hosting account(s) and mail boxes.


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